Thursday, October 27, 2016

Episode 35 - The month of VR


  1. Ridiculous, "biggest news in October oculus Connect 3"? How about something important like THE LAUNCH of PSVR?! Even if you don't console game as a VR enthusiast PSVR should be the most important event in the VR market. More people have already bought the PSVR than Oculus and Vive combined, and it's barely been out a month. Not to mention it has a better screen (arguably) than all other HMDs.

    1. I believe we did talk about PSVR and I don't dispute it's consumer base is much larger than the Rift or the Vive. October had announcements from everyone it seemed.

      I have used it and have one at our office but don't feel like the hardware is on par with the Vive or the Rift. I'm very excited for their content line up however.