Monday, May 2, 2016

Episode 30 - Brian in the show

This episode, We both head to San Jose for SVVR Conference 2016 along with intial impressions of our shiny new Oculus Rifts!


  1. I bought BlazeRush over a year ago just because it looked like a great 2D (screen reality?) game. Later found out that it supported the DK2 so was waiting until the consumer headsets came out. I have a Vive at work and would love to try BlazeRush on it but don't know when it will support it letalone the CV1. Also waiting on Shufflepuck Cantina to do the same. Oh and also excited for a legit Vive version of Minecraft.

  2. The CV1 has Blazerush now actually. It is one of the better games to play and love it. Not sure if it works with OpenVR but it would be worth looking into.

  3. Thanks. Hopefully by the time I upgrade my gaming PC and get a headset for home in a few months a lot of these older games will have been updated to be compatible with Rift and Vive. Will have to look at OpenVR.